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Paul Sunga Paul S. Sunga is a writer, medical science teacher and international health consultant. These pages are about his writing, both fiction and non-fiction,  and his professional activities in the areas of teaching, medical science and international health. 

Sunga's first published novel, The Lions, orginally published in 1992 by Orca Book Press, was inspired by early experiences working as a labourer, including a period as a nickel miner in Thompson, Manitoba. His second novel, Red Dust, Red Sky, published by Coteau Books in 2008, was based on his years living and working in Southern Africa during the final struggle against the South African apartheid regime.  A third novel, This Age of Wealth was written during a long period of international health missions in East Africa. This story is set in Turkana and the Ilemi Triangle. 

Non-fiction works include scientific articles in the area of medical sciences, and books in international health and medical science.  His most recent non-fiction work is Pathophysiology I: Major Disease Pathways, an on-line textbook designed for students in the B.Sc. (Nursing) program. 

Sunga teaches medical sciences at Langara College in Vancouver. He has also provided consulting services to the Government of Canada (Canadian International Development Agency, now Global Affairs Canada), and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). He has worked in more than a dozen countries in Africa and Asia over the last twenty years.  

Current Fiction: The Canoeists, set in North America.  

Current Non-Fiction: Pathophysiology II: Diseases of Systems