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International Health

Karachi HIV Support for Drug Users - an NGODr. Paul Sunga advises on international health in the areas of health policy, public health, health systems, HIV, reproductive health and health sector governance. His expertise is based on more than twenty years of project and program experience as a consultant for the Government of Canada, including implementation, evaluative analysis, and design and feasibility studies. The overall intention is to facilitate Canadian international development activities that contribute to the achievement of equitable, accessible and universal health care to under-served populations. Major recent efforts include:

  • Monitoring and review of the Canada-Southeast Asia Emerging Infectious Disease(CAREID) Program (2013)
  • Analysis and recommendations for implementation of the health aspect of CIDA's Children and Youth Strategy (2011)
  • Evaluation of the Canada-Southeast Asia HIV/AIDS Project (2008) - Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam
  • Design of the Pakistan National HIV Surveillance and Control Project (2007) - Pakistan
  • Preparation and implementation of an HIV mainstreaming strategy for food security/agriculture and governance programming (2003- 2008) - Ethiopia
  • Design of the Bangladesh Integrated Reproductive and Child Health Program (2002- 2007) - Bangladesh
  • Implementation of the Rural Communities Health Project (2003-2008) - Tanzania

He was project designer, coordinator and technical lead of two sequential projects in Mwanza, Tanzania from 1996 to 2008: the Water Care and Rural Health Training Project and the Rural Health Training Project.  Dr. Sunga accepted an Award of Excellence for best project by colleges and universities in 2002, from the Minister of International Cooperation, and on behalf of Langara College (lead institution).

Selected Publications/ Conference Proceedings/ Treatments

  1. Sunga, Paul S.,  Global Health: A Scientific Approach. Survey of global health designed for course work and workshops (draft, unpublished work)
  2. Sunga, Paul S. Casey, M.: Mainstreaming HIV into Development Programming: A Toolkit A three volume set of books designed as a toolkit and originally communicated as a series of papers. The focus is on mainstreaming HIV into food security and democratic governance programming. Ethiopia-Canada Cooperation Office, Addis Ababa, 2008
  3. Sunga P.S., Bouchard J., Bhattarai, S. (2005) "Implementing a SWAp: Bangladesh Case Example" Presented at the World Bank Institute Seminar on Poverty Reduction, Reproductive Health and Health Sector Reform, Bangkok.
  4. Sunga Paul S., Sahasrabudhe D.: The Cellular City: Water in the New Millennium. Sixty minute documentary film treatment produced for Soma TV with the support of a grant from the Development Information Program (CIDA),2000
  5. Sunga P.S., Holmwood M., Wilde D. (1999) “Assessment of Water Quality by Rural People” Presented at the Canadian Conference on International Health, Ottawa, Canada
  6. Sunga P.S., Craib K.L., Wilde D., (1998) “Assessing Impact of Training on Community Health” Presented at the Canadian Conference on International Health, Ottawa, Canada

Selected Government Reports

  1. Sunga P.S.Final Assessment of the Canada Southeast Asia Emerging Infectious Disease (CAREID) program (2013)
  2. Sunga P.S. The Health of Children and Youth: Defining the Health Component of CIDA's Children and Youth Strategy, (2011)
  3. Sunga P.S., Bounsouane B., Limanonda B., Dap D., Vathanak K.V.: Evaluation of the Canada-Southeast Asia Regional HIV AIDS Project. Final evaluation of regional project for CIDA SE Asia Regional Program, 2008
  4. Sunga P.S., Aziz I., Bhattarai S., Hussain S., Khan A., Khan A.: HIV Surveillance and Control Project Feasibility and Design Report. Design and feasibility analysis for the national HIV surveillance system project for the CIDA Pakistan Program, 2007
  5. Sunga P.S., Bhattarai S, Gort M. Schalkwyk J., Rotor L.: Health Sector Governance: A Technical Report, Design recommendations for the Bangladesh Program, CIDA, 2006
  6. Sunga, P.S., Bhattarai S.: Comparative Analysis of Progress in Maternal and Child Health in Asia: What has worked and what has not? Analysis for Asia Branch, CIDA, 2005
  7. Sunga, P.S., Mahbub G.A., Minden M., Islam A., Parveen S.: Midterm Review of the Community Managed Health Program, Bangladesh Program, CIDA, 2005.
  8. Sunga P.S.: HIV and Food Insecurity: A Negative Developmental Synergy, Ethiopia Program, CIDA, 2004
  9. Sunga, P.S.: HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia: Strategic Directions for CIDA. Ethiopia Programme, CIDA, 2003
  10. Sunga P.S., Draper J.M. : Appraisal and Feasibility of the Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme for Bangladesh, CIDA, 2003